Jazz Violinist, Writer, Producer, Creator, Visionary
  1. EnMotion Jairus Daigle 5:54
  2. Jairus Daigle 4:30
  3. The Movement (feat. DC) Jairus Daigle 7:11

About Jairus

Jairus is richly talented in his own way. His expression of life through his music lets you experience some of the old and some of the new feels of music.

EnMotion is the latest project from Jairus Daigle, one of the most gifted jazz violinists of his time.  This album showcases the performance skills that he’s been developing since age 7 as well as the production skills he’s been honing over the past decade since the release of his first album.  EnMotion takes the listener on an urban jazz fusion journey with visits from other up and coming Louisiana artists. La!La Dugas shows off her smooth vocals on “Fast Forward” while Devin “DC” Chretien and Bruce Cvpone put their lyrical hip hop prowess on display on “The Movement” and “Sky View” respectively.  

The single and title track, EnMotion, is unlike anything we’ve heard from Jairus before.  It begins with a sample of Lake Charles legend Chester “Choppe” Daigle II on piano then quickly turns up when the beat drops just as Jairus comes in with the violin.  If you have never heard of Jairus Daigle before, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. EnMotion will be your new favorite album.

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